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 May - Aug

Summer Camp

Dance, Sports, Academics, Fun, Field Trips, Free Meals!


Spring Showcase

Fun For the Entire Family!


After School Program Starts

Have an Amazing School Year



  Aiming To Touch Lives   


Our exciting dance program nurtures "Holistic Wellness."  We offer a variety of dance styles that allow students to express themselves, build confidence and engage positive energy.   Classes are designed to help students realize who and how important they are as individuals.  Teachers work to pull out their God-Given gifts then sharpen those gifts through training, sweat, dedication, perseverance, discipline, team work and love.  

Performing Arts

The O.N.E. engages students in acting, singing and modeling.  Students gain acting skills, methods and abilities that help them own a given role, bring it to life and become more comfortable in front of an audience.

After School Program

The O.N.E. provides a well rounded after school program that will allow children to be active after a long day of hard work.  We start out with devotion, snack and homework then move on to enjoying the arts. 

Martial Arts

Our "Clark and Sons Martial Arts"is a mixed martial arts program.  Sensei Clark teaches the Japanese Goju ryu  style of karate with an emphasis on practical self defense.

Summer Camp

Our summer camp allows students to enjoy great fun, maintain their academics and further grow their art form.  Summer camp is all summer long.  There is a four week dance camp session in June and a four week dance camp session in July. 

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