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Dance is the physical expression of the spirit and soul.  It breaths life and liberty.  It has the power to transform lives and transcends international language barriers. The gift of dance is a tool that should be used not merely as entertainment but to bring light into dark situations.


                                                                 - Naysa Bennett

                                                                   The O.N.E. Dance



Striving for excellence, our exciting dance program is designed to help students realize who and how important they are as individuals. Teachers work to pull out their God-Given gifts then sharpen those gifts through training, sweat, dedication, perseverance, discipline, team work and love.  Collectively, teachers, parents and students work together to make sure dancers soar to their greatest ability and bless the lives of others.  


We have fun! We cut loose! We turn up!


We do it respectfully.  


The O.N.E. engages students in acting, singing and modeling. Students gain acting skills, methods and abilities that help them own a given role, bring it to life and become more comfortable in front of an audience.  Acting classes are offered for students that are pursuing an acting career in the industry and helps them to prepare for auditions.  Modeling is incorporated during our benefit fundraiser shows and summer camp.  Singing is incorporated with during our devotions, community service projects and during our large scale choreodramas.  Our choreodramas are full original plays that utilize acting, dancing, live singing, live music and spoken word to tell a story. Participation in our choreodramas is by audition only. 




The O.N.E. provides a well rounded after school program that will allow children to be active after a long day of hard work.  We start out with devotion, snack and homework then move on to enjoying the arts.  Students engage in various styles of dance as well as drama and martial arts throughout the week.  Students will be able to participate in two (2) dance and performing arts showcases throughout the year where parents, family and friends are invited to come and enjoy the experience.  We pick students up from schools within a 7 mile radius of the studio  A huge benefit of this program is that students may participate in our dance studio classes at with a huge discount.


Our "Clark and Sons Martial Arts"is a mixed martial arts program.  Sensei Clark teaches the Japanese Goju ryu  style of karate with an emphasis on practical self defense.  Basic techniques from other martial arts styles are taught such as boxing hand attacks and Taekwondo kicks.  Self-defense methods from many others arts are incorporated into the training.  Students are prepared for real life situations, tournaments and stage presentations



  • Confidence

  • Strength

  • Flexibility

  • Coordination

  • Self Defense

Our summer camp allows students to enjoy great fun, while furthering their academic growth and enhancing dance, arts and sports skills.  Summer camp is all summer long. 
During camp students participate in devotion, conditioning, various styles of dance, sports, academics, reading, performing arts, field trips and community service. Healthy meals are provided free of charge. 


Click image for Holiday Camp Flyer

Parents, take a break and get some shopping done while the children have fun!


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