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All Submissions:

Please slate your name, character(s) you're auditioning for, what agency/company/organization you represent (if any).   

Play Synopsis:

"Go For It: A Quest for Dreams to Come Alive" is a colorful, dramatic adventure about a nation of people called the Wehyahs who live under a rainbow where dreams come true.  When the rainbow is taken by the Master of Malice, it’s up to a pre-teen named Yani to restore the people’s dreams.  Yani has to conquer low self-esteem, perceived failure, insecurity and fear on his journey.  Live music, dancing and singing are infused into the experience.

        Questions? Contact:

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We are looking for a variety of dance genres.  Please select the genre of your choice to audition.  You may infuse multiple dance styles into a 1 minute audition or up to 3, 45 second segments of specific styles. Groups or crews feel free to audition as one.


Please submit a mainstream song in the genre of your liking. DO NOT SUBMIT ORIGINAL MUSIC.  NO ORIGINAL MUSIC WILL BE CONSIDERED.


Prepare a 1 minute monologue of your choice.  Additionally you will be required to read a script side reading for the role you are auditioning for.  Click "Audition Flyer" for character descriptions and script side reading lines.

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